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The Citation Edit Window is accessed from many locations throughout mdEditor. This is because a typical metadata record will reference many different resources. For example, these resources might be of earlier or referenced works, data domains, or taxonomic systems in addition to a required main resource for the metadata record. Each of these resources is represented by a separate Citation object each having identical structure and complement of elements.

How you actually arrive at the Citation Edit Window will vary, but the mdEditor elements and rules outlined in this reference section will apply in all situations.

Graphic Array

If you clicked Edit to gain access to the Citation object there will be a Back to ... button in the Secondary Sidebar. Click this button to end editing of the Citation and return to the mdEditor section you were on before entering the Citation Edit Window.

  • Basic Information {type: collection}
    A collection of elements that describe the citation.

  • Responsible Party {type: array (obj: Responsible Party)}
    Identification of, and means of communication with, person(s) and organization(s) associated with the cited resource.

  • Online Resource {type: array (obj: Online Resource)}
    An array of links to online information about the cited reference.

  • Identifier {type: array (obj: Identifier)}
    An array of identifiers for the cited resource.

  • Series {type: object (Series); default: empty}
    Information about the series, publication, or aggregate resource to which a resource belongs.

  • Other Details {type: array (string); max length: none; default: empty}
    An array of additional details required to complete the citation that are not recorded elsewhere.

  • Graphic {type: array (obj: Graphic)}
    An array of file descriptions for images, maps, flow charts, models, logos, etc. associated with the citation.

  • Online Graphic Resource {type: array (obj: Online Graphic Resource); default: empty}
    An array of Online Graphic Resource objects that describe internet links to graphic files.

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