Metadata Record -- Main Section

The Main section of the Edit Window collects general information about the main resource.

Main Edit Window
Image 1: Main Edit Window

  • Basic Information {type: collection}
    The Basic Information panel holds a collection of elements that identify and describe the main resource.

  • Resource Types {type: array (obj: Resource Type)}
    Identifies the general class or kind for the main resource of this metadata record.

  • Points of Contact {type: array (obj: Responsible Party)}
    The Responsible Parties identify persons and organizations to contact regarding the main resource.

  • Citation {type: object (Citation); default empty}
    The Citation for the main resource.

  • Description {type: collection}
    Description is a collection of independent elements that hold various text descriptions of the main resource.

  • Time Period {type: object (Time Period)}
    The Time Period describes a period of time over which the resource is relevant.

  • Maintenance {type: array (obj: Maintenance)}
    An array of Maintenance objects describing one or more maintenance schedules for the resource.

  • Graphic Overview {type: array (obj: Graphic)}
    An array of file descriptions for images, maps, flow charts, models, logos, etc. that help illustrate the resource.

  • Online Graphic Resource {type: array (obj: Online Graphic Resource); default: empty}
    An array of Online Graphic Resource objects that describe internet links to graphic files.

  • Credits {type: array (string)}
    An array of additional persons and organizations that contributed to the resource.

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