Tutorial -- Add a Quick Organization Contact

Add an "Organization" contact:

  • Click the "Add New Contact" button (the plus sign to the right of "Contacts" on the Primary Sidebar)
  • Click the Contact Type switch to make this an "Organization" contact

Create New Contact Window
Image 1: Create New Contact Window

Organization Contact

The "Organization" contact record collects pertinent contact information for an organization such as name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. There are two required elements for "Organization" contact: Contact ID and Name.

Contact ID

Each contact is assigned a unique ID. This is the ID used to link this contact with one or more of your metadata and dictionary records. When you create a new contact record a UUID is assigned to Contact ID automatically. However, if you prefer to use your own system for contact IDs, this would be the best time and place to change the ID.


Name is the name of the organization or group.

Create an "Organization" contact record

  • Enter "CID002" as the Contact ID
  • Enter your organization's name in Name
  • Click Save

Create New Contact Window
Image 2: Create New Contact Window

As we saw when adding the individual contact record in the previous exercise, our organization contact is valid after adding just the two elements. We can return later to fill in the optional information about this contact, but for now let's get back to editing our metadata record.

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