Metadata Record -- Constraints Section

The Constraints section of the Edit Window is used to document constraints of any kind regarding the distribution and use of the main resource. Constraints can describe copyright requirements, intellectual property, limitation of data use, security concerns, and more.

When no Constraints have been defined for the Metadata Record the Constraint array will be empty.

Constraints Section with no Constraints Defined

Add and Add Constraint To add a new Constraint click either button, they serve the same function. After clicking one of these buttons the Constraint object panel will open in isolation mode.

OK Complete data entry for the Constraint then click "OK" to save your constraint.

Constraint Edit Window

  • Constraint Type {type: codelist (ADIwg enumerated list); extensible: NO; multi-value: NO; default: empty}
    The type of constraint: use, legal, security.

    • Use limitations caution on the limitations of the fitness of data, findings, or metadata in various use cases. i.e. What the data should NOT be used for. Limitations are not legally binding and do not deal with security concerns.

    • Legal constraints enumerate any legally binding restrictions and prerequisites for accessing and using the resource or metadata including copyrights and intellectual property rights.

    • Security constraints define any handling restrictions imposed on the resource or metadata for national security or similar security concerns.

    A Constraint can have only one Constraint Type. When the type is "use" complete Use Limitations, when "legal" complete Legal, and when "security" complete Security.

  • Use Limitations {type: array (obj: Use Limitation)}
    An array of limitations or cautions regarding the fitness of this data or findings for various uses. e.g. "Not to be used for ..." Each limitation is a text string.

  • Legal {type: object (Legal); default empty}
    Describes legally binding constraints on the use and distribution of the main resource and its metadata.

  • Security {type: object (Security); default empty}
    Handling instructions imposed on the resource or metadata for national security or similar security concerns.

  • Responsible Parties {type: array (obj: Responsible Party)}
    An array of persons and/or organizations responsible for assigning and/or defining the Constraint.

  • Graphic or Logo {type: array (obj: Graphic)}
    An array of file descriptions for images and logos associated with the constraint.

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