Tutorial -- Entering Metadata

We have come to that point in our "Getting Started" exercise where we begin entering metadata. To keep this exercise brief and meaningful, we are choosing to enter only the minimal information to create a valid record. But what do we mean by a minimal, valid record? In this context we refer to entering the fewest metadata elements possible to satisfy the mdJSON standard. Admittedly this will not constitute a very healthy metadata record, but it will serve this exercise well enough.

Keep in mind that each established metadata standard, such as ISO 19115 or FGDC CSDGM, will have their own definition for what constitutes a minimal metadata record, and this is certain to be more comprehensive than mdJSON's definition of minimal. Not to worry, the mdJSON standard has the elements you will need to support other standards; we just need to spend more time editing our record and add that standard's specific required elements. We will see how this works later in the exercise.

For now ...

  • Return to the Main section of the Edit Window if you are not there already.

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