Dictionary Record -- CSV Import Process

Read the CSV file into mdEditor

Entity Edit Window with no Entities Defined
Image 1: Entity Edit Window with no Entities Defined

Instead of clicking the Add Entity button to create a new Entity, click the Import CSV button in the Secondary Sidebar.

CSV Entity Import Target
Image 2: CSV Entity Import Target

You are presented with a large blue target to drag and drop a CSV entity file onto or to click then navigate to a CSV entity file.

When using drag and drop method the target will turn green when mdEditor is ready to receive the CSV file.

When the sample CSV entity file illustrated above ("STATE") is dropped onto the target or selected for import the following entity will be STAGED FOR IMPORT in mdEditor.

Entity Staged for Import
Image 3: Entity Staged for Import

It is important to note that the entity including its domains and attributes are not yet created at this juncture. They are only STAGED for import. Additional information must be added and existing information reviewed prior to actual import.

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