Dictionary Record -- Entity Section

Attribute Detail

All Attributes are properties of an Entity. Thus Attributes in mdEditor are defined from the Attribute array panel on the Entities Edit Window for Dictionary Records (see the Attribute Array section for initial Attribute definition).

As discussed in the Attribute Array section, only the few required Attribute elements may be defined from the Entity's Attribute array panel. However, there are many additional Attribute elements that may be optionally defined from the Attribute Edit Window. These are discussed next.

In the example below, an Entity has been defined for vehicle registration records within a fictitious Department of Motor Vehicles database. Several of the VEHICLE_REGISTRATION Entity's Attributes are shown in the Attribute array panel along with their required elements.

Entity Attribute Array
Image 1: Entity Attribute Array

Each Attribute has a More... button that when clicked navigates to the Attribute's Edit Window providing access to all the Attribute's elements, optional and required. This Attribute Edit Window is shown in the illustration below. Each of the Edit Window's panels are discussed separately on the following pages.

Attribute Edit Window
Image 2: Attribute Edit Window

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