Tutorial -- Primary Navigation Bar

The Primary Navigation Bar is the top-most navigation bar, which has been outlined with a yellow rectangle in the image below. This bar contains buttons that navigate you away from the Edit View (or whichever view you happen to be on at the time) to other facilities within mdEditor.

The Primary Navigation Bar
Image 1: The Primary Navigation Bar

Not all Primary Navigation Bar buttons are available from every window. For instance, "Translate" is not available from the "Dashboard". If a button seems missing, don't panic. Look around - you're likely just in the wrong place!


The Dashboard View is the initial view when starting mdEditor. It displays relevant notes about mdEditor's status and a few statistics for the metadata records you currently have loaded in browser cache.


The Export facility helps you move the metadata records you have been editing from browser cache to your local and networked storage devices for long-term backup and storage.


The Import facility helps you load metadata records from your local and networked storage into browser cache for editing with mdEditor.


The Publish facility can transmit your metadata record directly to a supported metadata repository, handling most or all interface actions for you.


The Translate facility interfaces with the publicly hosted mdTranslator. It will send the selected metadata record to the translator, request translation into the metadata format of your choice, and capture the output to be viewed and saved to your local storage.


Profile does not navigate away from the Edit View, but instead modifies the behavior of the Edit Window by setting which panels and elements are displayed and whether or not they are required.

The default Profile is 'full'. When the 'full' profile is selected ALL panels and elements are visible for editing. Requirements for elements are set by the mdJSON schema, which is the minimum information required for a valid metadata record.

Custom profiles can be written to meet the requirements of an organization or the specifications of a particular resource type.


The settings button will take you to the Settings View, where you'll find options that modify the default behavior of mdEditor.

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