Tutorial -- Entering Metadata Contacts

The Metadata Contact is our last requirement for a minimal mdJSON record. It is not found on the Edit Window Main section where we have been working; the Metadata Contacts panel we need is on the Edit Window Metadata section.

Change the Edit Window to the Metadata section.

  • Click "Metadata" on the Secondary Navigation Bar

Edit Window - Metadata - Metadata Contact
Image 1: Edit Window - Metadata - Metadata Contact

Metadata Contacts

No surprise, Metadata Contacts are people and organizations to contact when there are questions about the metadata. Since we have entered contacts before, let's enter this one with minimal guidance ...

Enter a Metadata Contacts

  • Enter a Role for the Metadata Contacts
  • Choose a contact

Verify that your metadata record is no longer missing any required elements. The following the Edit Window title, "Editing Metadata Information", should have been removed and the record title, "My First Metadata Record" in the Primary Sidebar should now be green.

Although all the required elements are entered, there is one more control worth discussing before closing out the topic of basic editing: the date-time control. Let's look at that next - and last ...

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