Contact Record -- Online Resource

Online Resource Array

Online Resource {type: array (obj: Online Resource)}
The Online Resource array contains links to online locations where additional information about this contact can be retrieved.

Metadata Online Resource Panel
Image 1: Metadata Online Resource Panel

Online Resource Object

Online Resource

  • Name {type: string; max length: none; default: empty}
    The name of the online resource.

  • URI {type: URI; default: empty}
    The internet location (address) for online access to the resource using the URI format - a.k.a URL.

  • Protocol {type: string; max length: none; default: empty}
    The online connection protocol used to access the resource. e.g. ftp, http, https, etc.

  • Description {type: string; max length: 500 characters; default: empty}
    A text description with additional details of what the resource is or describes.

  • Function {type: codelist (ISO CI_OnLineFunctionCode, ADIwg codes); extensible: YES; multi-value: NO; default: empty}
    - A code declaring the intended function of the resource.

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