Tutorial -- Entering Descriptions

The Description panel, like the Basic Information panel, is a collection of elements. The only required element for Description is Abstract, so let's write or copy in our abstract.

Edit Window - Main - Description Elements
Image 1: Edit Window - Main - Description Elements


Abstract is brief narrative describing the content of the main resource whether it be data, a journal article, or a project.

Enter an Abstract:

  • Type or paste your abstract into the text editor block for the Abstract element.
  • Experiment with the text formatting options.

Edit Window - Main - Description Elements
Image 2: Edit Window - Main - Description Elements

As you can see, mdEditor has a pretty sweet text editor integrated into the application. The editor supports many standard text formatting options and includes spell check, help, full-screen, and preview modes. It will do pretty much anything but write your abstract for you!

The text formatter used by mdEditor is a "Markdown" editor. Wikipedia defines Markdown "as a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. It is designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats ..."

If you need help with Markdown, click the button on the text control button bar for an online guide. You will likely find that using the formatting button will be all the help you need to format your abstract and other text elements, this is only a metadata record after all.

We have only one more required element to enter to satisfy the requirements for a minimal mdJSON metadata record. Let's finish this thing!

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