Default values will pre-fill elements in mdEditor as new records and objects are created. The default values can be overridden during normal editing as necessary.

If a default value is cleared (no default value provided) no default value will be set for new elements and objects.

General Settings

  • Language {type: codelist (ISO 639 Part 2); extensible: YES multi-value: NO; default: "eng"}
    Identifies the primary language of the main resource.

  • Character Set {type: codelist (IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority); extensible: YES multi-value: NO;; default: "UTF-8"}
    Name of the character coding standard used in the main resource.

  • Country {type: codelist (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3); extensible: YES multi-value: NO;; default: "USA"}
    Three letter country code.

  • Import URL {type: URL}
    This value will pre-fill the Import from Online URL element on the Import window. This can be useful if many of your imports come from the same remote location.

  • mdTranslator API URL {type: URL}
    This provides the URL of the mdTranslator for the Translate function. If you have hosted a local version of mdTranslator that you wish to use, provide its location here. Otherwise, leave this value as the publicly hosted ADIwg mdTranslator.

    If you have deleted the ADIwg translator location and wish to restore it, click Default.

  • Metadata Repositories {type: array (obj: Metadata Repository)}
    Add a Metadata Repository object to set a default Collection Title for a Repository. When the Repository is selected on an Edit Window the Collection Title will auto fill.
    See object details

Metadata Repository Object

  • Repository {type: codelist (ADIwg MetadataRepository); extensible: YES; multi-value: NO; default: empty}
    Repository Name

  • Collection Title {type: string; max length: none; default: empty}
    A text string to identify a set of resources in the repository.

    The mdJSON Metadata Repository object has a full Citation to describe the repository. Currently this is not fully implemented in mdEditor. The Collection Title is inserted into the Title element of that citation.

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