Metadata Record -- Taxonomy Section

Taxonomic Classification

Classification {type: array (obj: Classification)}
An array of taxonomic hierarchies that describe the levels (taxon rank), scientific names (latin name), and common names for species referenced in the metadata resource.

New Classification hierarchies are added by clicking on either the Add New Taxa or Add Taxa from ITIS buttons in the Secondary Sidebar.

Taxonomy Collection Edit Window
Image 1: Taxonomy Collection Edit Window

Add New Taxa Click this button to add a custom, top-level node for a new Classification array. Note that only the top-level (or entry point) of the hierarcy is entered with this function. The remainder of the hierarchy is added, and edited, using the buttons on the individual nodes of the hierarchy. See Add Custom Classification for details.

Add Taxa from ITIS Click this button to explore the USGS Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) and import complete taxonomic classification hierarchies with a single click. The ITIS database holds over 800,000 entries and addes about 2,000 new entires each month. See Importing ITIS Classification for details.

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