Reference -- Dictionary Records

In mdEditor, Dictionaries are edited and saved separately from Metadata Records and Contacts. This normalized approach allows a Dictionary object's information to be used across multiple Metadata Records without the necessity to reenter the dictionary's information.

Dictionary Main Edit Window
Image 1: Dictionary Main Edit Window

  • To open a Dictionary object for editing, either create a new Dictionary by clicking the button or open an existing Dictionary by clicking it's button in the Primary Sidebar.

    The Dictionary's button does not need to be green to edit the record. A Dictionary object can be edited in any state of completeness.

  • The Dictionary's name is displayed at the top of the Edit Window.

  • There is a Back to Overview button in the Secondary Sidebar that will open a view with all of the Dictionary's information displayed. This may be helpful in determining if you have selected the intended dictionary for editing, or if you just wish to review the information entered.

See specific sections for details:

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