Metadata Record -- Metadata Section

Basic Information

Basic Information {type: collection}
The Basic Information panel holds a collection of elements that describe the metadata for this metadata record. Metadata about metadata!

Basic Information Panel

  • Metadata Status {type: codelist (ISO MD_ProgressCode, ADIwg codes); multi-value: YES; extensible: YES; multi-value: NO; default: empty}
    The current status of the metadata record.

  • Dates {type: array (obj: Date); default: empty}
    Dates and datetimes related to creation and status of this metadata record.
    See object details

Date Object

  • Date {type: datetime (ISO 8601); default: empty}
    Date or datetime.

    See Date-Time Control for details on picking dates and times using the Date-Time control.

  • Date Type {type: codelist (ISO CI_DateTypeCode, ADIwg codes); extensible: YES; multi-value: NO; default: empty}
    A code describing the type of date or datetime.

  • Description {type: string; max length: none; default: empty}
    A short statement providing supplemental information about the date's context.

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