Dictionary Record -- Entities Section

In data management and database design the term "entity" refers to a person, place, thing, or concept about which information is collected and organized. Entities are most often implemented as tables in a database where the tables consist of numerous rows and columns. Each row represents an instance of the entity and each column stores a single fact about the instance such as "name" or "ID".

When no Entities have yet been defined for a Dictionary the Entities section will display a large blue box stating "No Entity Found".

Entity Edit Window with no Entities Defined
Image 1: Entity Edit Window with no Entities Defined

Add Entity To add the initial Entity click the 'Add Entity' button.

After one or more Entities have been defined for the Dictionary, navigating to the Entities section will display an array panel of the previously entered Entities.

Entity Array Panel
Image 2: Entity Array Panel

Click More... to continue editing the Entity and gain access to all its elements.

Entity Edit Panel
Image 3: Entity Edit Panel

Entities can also be entered via CSV (Comma Separated Value) files. See the Import CSV section for details.

  • Entity Information {type: collection}
    A collection of elements that identify and describe the entity.

  • Attributes {type: array (obj: Attribute)}
    The array panel displays a list of the defined Entity Attributes.

  • Entity Structure {type: collection}
    The File Structure elements provide file descriptions for Entities which are represented as spreadsheets or text files.

  • Entity Keys {type: collection}
    The Entity Keys panel contains elements that specify keys (primary and foreign keys) used to enforce integrity of the entity's data.

  • Entity Indices {type: array (obj: Entity Index)}
    An array of Entity Index objects used to define alternate keys (keys in addition to the Primary Key) for the Entity.

  • Entity Reference {type: array (obj: Citation)}
    The Entity Reference array lists Citations which reference additional information about the Entity.

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