Contact Record -- Online Graphic Resource

Online Graphic Resource Array

Online Graphic Resource {type: array (obj: Online Graphic Resource); default: empty}
An array of Online Graphic Resource objects that describe internet links to graphic files.

Online Graphic Resource Array
Image 1: Online Graphic Resource Array

Along with the file Name and URI, mdEditor attempts to provide a thumbnail of each graphic file listed in the Online Graphic Resource array. If a thumbnail can not be generated a broken image link will be displayed like the one shown for the second array item above.

If for some reason mdEditor does not produce a thumbnail preview, check for the following:

  • an invalid link
  • the file's graphic format is not readable by mdEditor
  • the file is not a graphic file

Online Graphic Resource Object

Online Graphic Resource

  • Name {type: string; max length: none; default: empty}
    The name of the online graphic resource.

  • URI {type: URI; default: empty}
    - The internet location (address) for online access to the graphic resource, using the URI format - a.k.a URL.

    Click to Select or Drop Image Use this drop target to drop local graphics and logos that are less than 50K Bytes in size. The graphic will be converted to a 'data:image/...' URI and placed into the URI element. These graphics will remain embedded in the mdJson file and do not need an additional internet accessible URI to access the graphic.

    For graphics larger than 50K Bytes an internet accessible file is required. Place the URI to the graphic file in the URI element. mdEditor will then access the graphic file and build a thumbprint image for the Edit Window page.

    The thumbprint image is not saved with the mdJson or mdEditor files. The thumbprint is rebuilt each time the mdJson file is edited.

  • Protocol {type: string; max length: none; default: empty}
    The online connection protocol used to access the graphic resource. e.g. ftp, http, https, etc.

  • Description {type: string; max length: 500 characters; default: empty}
    A text description with additional details of what the graphic resource is or describes.

  • Function {type: codelist (ISO CI_OnLineFunctionCode, ADIwg codes); extensible: YES; multi-value: NO; default: empty}
    A code declaring the intended function of the graphic resource.

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